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 Signal Processors

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SYSTEM UPDATE: 11/1/2012 7:00PM EST: We just finished uploading over 30GBs worth of samples to the webserver and are currently updating the database to included them in the search. This process may take a day or two. Thanks for your patience.

Signal Processors

We cover numerous signal / sound processors for guitar, bass, vocals and any other instrument. This is a broad category that encompasses equipment for live performances, studio recording, sample processing, techniques for getting that perfect sound and much more.

I was recently working with Native Instrument's Guitar Rig and inadvertently stumbled across a near match to John Petrucci's intro guitar sound on Pull Me Under. As you may have guessed, I'm a huge Dream Theater fan, but I've always been a little annoyed that with all of JP's equipment, when he plays Pull Me under live the acoustic part in the beginning doesn't sound like the studio version. This wouldn't normally be a issue, but for a band that prides itself in reproducing the sound in the studio live, they should spend a couple minutes setting up a patch for the intro of this song. I after all got it pretty close with just about 10 minutes of tweaks using a preset that comes with Guitar Rig as a base. You can check out the settings and the resulting audio here.


Below are a few vintage guitar signal processors that can be picked up for a small amount of money, but when setup correctly can still produce some amazing sounds.

The unit's below are units that I personally own, or have owned at one point. I will try to offer my expertise (for lack of a better word) to you on these unit's and how to setup some unique sound effects on each one.

Digitech RP-1

The DigiTech RP-1 was the first self-contained multi-effects preamp/processor and introduced a trend for those types of products. The RP-1 literally began the "hands-free era" of guitar processors.
User Manual for the RP-1 brought to you by E-ServiceManuals.com

Digitech RP-20

The RP20 Valve is the first ever, fully programmable Tube Guitar Preamp/Multi-effects floor processor for studio or live applications. It was designed to provide you with great Valve preamp tones and lush digital effects at your feet and finger-tips. More Info...

Digitech 128 Plus +

In 1987, DigiTech brought out the DSP128 multi-effects processor, which allowed the use of three effects at once and was supported with an aggressive advertising campaign, "Three At A Time For $399." The DSP128 was the first multi-effects processor and received critical acclaim from end users and journalists alike. More Info...

Digitech GSP 21

Released in 1991 by Digitech, this unit is capable of 21 different effects, with up to 10 running at once. The Pro and Legend firmware updates for the unit resolve so glitches and add some more functionality to the unit. More Info...



Software Signal Processors:

Native Instruments Guitar Rig:

Tip: To use with Sound Blaster Live! or other low budget sound cards, download the ASIO drivers to reduce latency.




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