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SYSTEM UPDATE: 11/1/2012 7:00PM EST: We just finished uploading over 30GBs worth of samples to the webserver and are currently updating the database to included them in the search. This process may take a day or two. Thanks for your patience.

My Tonez

This section of the site will provide information on various signal processors. This area will show techniques and settings for effects prosessors and show how to acheive certain tones.

You'll find that I have a certain knack (slight obsession maybe) for gear that came out in the 80s and 90s. Call it nostalgia, but in my mind this era had some of the best quality recordings. So it only makes sense to me to use some of that gear that was popular then. Even though hardware and software is a lot more advanced, things now a days are often thrown together with little thought about dymanics. Equipment today seems sometimes dumbed down so much that almost put a song together for you. Programming the gear of yesteryear was almost an art. You would tweek setting after setting to get the sound you wanted, but when you did, it made it all worth it.

You won't see that with some of the new processing units. Granted your can adjust every parameter you need to, but they have so many presets from the factory that there is little need to tweek them. Which is fine for some, but for others that enjoy tweeking and getting that sound that just fits what your going for, the older units can do the job just fine.

Now don't get me wrong, there is some excellent high end gear out there from Eventide and TC Electronics to name just a couple. What I'm refering to for instance is the Digitec RP series (RP-1, RP-6, RP-10, RP-20..you get the idea) and compare that to the floor units Digitec now has.

I hope this site will provide some tips and also hope to have users share there tips & tricks.



Digitech GSP-21 - All-in-One Preset:

The other day I was playing around with my GSP-21 and I decided to put my acoustic, distorted rthym, and solo guitar presets in one patch. There were a few reasons for doing this, but mainly it was to eliminate the slight delay when switching programs. By having the main sounds I need in 1 program I don't have to worry about any dead space. This was especially evident when delay is involved. At the end of a guitar solo that has a delay effect, when you switch back to the rythm, you want to hear the last notes of the solo 'echo' on into the next part. (At least I do, and I'm guessing I'm not alone.) It just seems to fill the air a little bit, not much, but it's that little something extra that makes the diffeance. On a majority of older signal procesors there is a slight audio gap when switching presets, so if you can setup the programs with this in mind you won't run into these audio glitches.

I will be listing all of the patch parameters below so you can try it out for yourself. Everyone's style is different so you may not like some aspects of the patch, but the GSP-21 along with any sound processor offers a multitude of parameters to make it your own.

The parameters below will work on a bunch of Digitech's older gear such as the GSP-21, GSP-21 Pro, GSP-21 Legend, RP-1 and probably a couple others that have a simmilar interface.

All-In-One Patch (Edit it to your liking)
Effect Parameter
Parameter Value
Effect Type


Compressor (On)
Compressor Amnt (13)
Compressor Lvl (004)
Distortion (On)
Distortion Type (Heavy Sustain)
Distortion Balls (11.0)
Gaphics EQ (On)
Graphics EQ Settings

63Hz: +12dB
160Hz: +12dB
400Hz: 0dB
1.0kHz: -7dB
2.5kHz: +1dB
6.3kHz: +9dB
16.0kHz: +11dB

Master Volume (0dB)
Enhancement (6)
Noise Gate (Adjustable)
Noise Gate Threshold (5)
Effects loop (Not Used)
Chorus (On)
Chorus Delay (15 miliseconds)
LFO Sweep Rate (.40Hz)
LFO Sweep Depth (6.25 msec.)
LFO Waveform (Sine)
Digital Delay (On)
Delay In: Dry (9)
Delay In:Chorus (8)
Delay Time (0.500 Seconds)
Delay Feedback (50%)
Digital Reverb (On)
Reverb In: Dry (7)
Reverb In: Chorus (0)
Reverb In: Delay (7)
Reverb Pre Delay (60 Millisecs.)
Reverb Filter (Bright)
Reverb Decay (3.61 Seconds)
Mix: Dry Level (10)
Mix: Chorus R Lvl (8)
Mix: Chorus L Lvl (8)
Mix: Delay R Levl (6)
Mix: Delay L Level (6)
Mix: Reverb R Lvl (4)
Mix: Reverb L Lvl (4)


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Thanks for nothing.

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