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Welcome to SoundTonez.com

SYSTEM UPDATE: 11/1/2012 7:00PM EST: We just finished uploading over 30GBs worth of samples to the webserver and are currently updating the database to included them in the search. This process may take a day or two. Thanks for your patience.


This page contains information on setting up both Hardware and software samplers. Tips and tricks will also be thrown in here and there. As you'll find out, I'm a fan of hardware samplers, but I still use multiple software samplers because of their flexibility.

EMU ESI-2000 / ESI-4000

EMU ESI-2000 Manual

For more manuals for gear and electronics, check out:

We also have sample collections on CD & DVD.

13,000 Samples on one DVD!

Found a nice article on Hardware samplers. Check it out.


EMU Sample CD's available NOW!

EMU Classic ISO Image

I Found a great tutorial on how to add a zip drive internally into a EMU ESI-2000, check it out: http://www.andrewmartens.com/blog/?p=27

Another Cool Site regarding the ESI-2000/ESI-4000 Sampler:


Brainard Project | Cats Attic


Update: The forum has been disabled because of continued SPAMMING which caused me to lose my AdSense revenue. So thanks to those responsible. I'm trying to offer a free service & certain people think it's funny to abuse the forums and I'm the one who loose's the only source of minute income I had comming in.

Thanks for nothing.

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