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SYSTEM UPDATE: 10/28/2012 3:00PM EST: We are currently updating the database and uploading about 30GBs worth of new samples. The site may experiance some performance issues for the next couple hours. Thanks for your patience.

Human Hearing Limits

I recently was curious at what the highest frequency I could hear. After noodling around online for a bit, I found some very interesting articles. One of which was a hearing test. I've posted an image of my results below.

The page itself is dated back to 2005, but the information is still and will always be relevant. Give it a quick read and try the test out. If your inclined, post your results.


When I took this test I used headphones, but I had 3 computers and a network switch with a fan running so I did have some background noise that was interfering.






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Update: The forum has been disabled because of continued SPAMMING which caused me to lose my AdSense revenue. So thanks to those responsible. I'm trying to offer a free service & certain people think it's funny to abuse the forums and I'm the one who loose's the only source of minute income I had comming in.

Thanks for nothing.

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